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Root Note Triad Seventh Suspended Extended Added
A A, Am, Aaug, Adim A7, Am7, Amaj7, Adim7, Am7/b5 Asus2, Asus4, A7sus4 A9, A11, A13 A6, Am6, Aadd9, Am9
Bb Bb, Bbm, Bbaug, Bbdim Bb7, Bbm7, Bbmaj7, Bbdim7, Bbm7/b5 Bbsus2, Bbsus4, Bb7sus4 Bb9, Bb11, Bb13 Bb6, Bbm6, Bbadd9, Bbm9
B B, Bm, Baug, Bdim B7, Bm7, Bmaj7, Bdim7, Bm7/b5 Bsus2, Bsus4, B7sus4 B9, B11, B13 B6, Bm6, Badd9, Bm9
C C, Cm, Caug, Cdim C7, Cm7, Cmaj7, Cdim7, Cm7/b5 Csus2, Csus4, C7sus4 C9, C11, C13 C6, Cm6, Cadd9, Cm9
Db Db, Dbm, Dbaug, Dbdim Db7, Dbm7, Dbmaj7, Dbdim7, Dbm7/b5 Dbsus2, Dbsus4, Db7sus4 Db9, Db11, Db13 Db6, Dbm6, Dbadd9, Dbm9
D D, Dm, Daug, Ddim D7, Dm7, Dmaj7, Ddim7, Dm7/b5 Dsus2, Dsus4, D7sus4 D9, D11, D13 D6, Dm6, Dadd9, Dm9
Eb Eb, Ebm, Ebaug, Ebdim Eb7, Ebm7, Ebmaj7, Ebdim7, Ebm7/b5 Ebsus2, Ebsus4, Eb7sus4 Eb9, Eb11, Eb13 Eb6, Ebm6, Ebadd9, Ebm9
E E, Em, Eaug, Edim E7, Em7, Emaj7, Edim7, Em7/b5 Esus2, Esus4, E7sus4 E9, E11, E13 E6, Em6, Eadd9, Em9
F F, Fm, Faug, Fdim F7, Fm7, Fmaj7, Fdim7, Fm7/b5 Fsus2, Fsus4, F7sus4 F9, F11, F13 F6, Fm6, Fadd9, Fm9
Gb Gb, Gbm, Gbaug, Gbdim Gb7, Gbm7, Gbmaj7, Gbdim7, Gbm7/b5 Gbsus2, Gbsus4, Gb7sus4 Gb9, Gb11, Gb13 Gb6, Gbm6, Gbadd9, Gbm9
G G, Gm, Gaug, Gdim G7, Gm7, Gmaj7, Gdim7, Gm7/b5 Gsus2, Gsus4, G7sus4 G9, G11, G13 G6, Gm6, Gadd9, Gm9
Ab Ab, Abm, Abaug, Abdim Ab7, Abm7, Abmaj7, Abdim7, Abm7/b5 Absus2, Absus4, Ab7sus4 Ab9, Ab11, Ab13 Ab6, Abm6, Abadd9, Abm9
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