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Ukulele-chords.com is a chord library offering a large and comprehensive selection of ukulele chord charts in various tunings. Our exclusive archive includes a complete list of slashed chords and an extensive collection of photos and sound samples. We provide plenty of additional information about the chords, such as intervals, alternative positions, fingerings, difficulty, usefulness, similar chords/fingerings, and much more.

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Not only do we show you diagrams, we also offer a lot of additional information for every chord: intervals, type, picture, fingerings, alternative positions, difficulty, similar voicings... This, for the 4 most-popular Tunings: Soprano, Baritone, D-Tuning and Slack-key.

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Slashed chords

We got you covered!

If you came across a slashed chord on your uke, you probably wouldn't know how to play it. Never fear, simply browse our collection and you will play them in seconds! Click here to view slashed-chords on the Soprano.

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You know the notes? Get the name of the chord thanks to our Chord Finder tool! Need to transpose a score into another key or find the key of a song? Our Key Transposer and/or Key Finder will help!

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Never forget how to play a chord again, whenever you are! Our mobile app for Android is loaded with hundreds of chords in different Tunings, Check it out.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about uke chords. Ex. How to read a ukulele chord?.

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Our API allows webmasters to query our chord database in order to publish our diagrams and photos on their website. Don't lose time creating hundreds of charts for your website - get them for free, all you need is a valid API key! Check here to get one.

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