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Never forget how to play a chord again, whenever you are! Get the largest library of uke chords available for your mobile now.

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  • Easy-to-use interface,
  • 8-Most common chord types*,
  • 4 different tunings: gCEA (standard), DGBE (Baritone), ADF#B (D-Tuning) and GCEG (Slack-Key),
  • Alternative positions,
  • Detailed informations,
  • Manage your favourite chords,
  • Get random chords,
  • Left or right-handed views,
  • Display Notes, Intervals, or Fingerings,
  • Compatible with all types of Ukuleles (Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone),
  • Hear the chords you see,
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PRO Version

  • 20 chord types**,
  • Slashed/Chords,
  • "Chord Wizard" (find chords by notes - Similar to our "What's that chord\" tool),
  • Ads-free,

*Chord Types included in the free version:
Major, Minor, 5, Seventh (dominant, major and minor), and Suspended (second and fourth) chords.

**Chord Types included in the pro version:
Major, Minor, 5, Seventh (dominant, major, minor and half-diminished), Suspended (second, fourth and seventh), Sixth (major and minor), Ninth (major, minor and add9), Augmented, Diminished (dominant and seventh), Eleventh and Thirteenth chords

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