What is a slashed chord?

A slash chord is a chord that has an altered bass note.

This nuance comes from the guitar, but the effect is difficult to achieve on a ukulele, mainly because a ukulele only has 4 strings, but also because string gauges don't increase from the thinnest to the largest like on a guitar.
Sometimes it's not even possible to play a slashed chord on a uke, or it makes no sense to do so (a D/F# is made using the exact same notes that form a D).

Below you will find all the existing slashed chords playable on the ukulele. Our list is quite big (we have 800 slashed chords in db), but it's really not a lot compared to the guitar (65% are missing...).

Which chord to play instead?

Quick Tip

If the chord you're looking for isn't listed on this site, you simply can't play it on a uke, or it would be really complicated to find a similar chord to achieve the correct sound.
When this happens, you have two options:

  • Drop the 2nd chord and play the chord without the bass note (ie. Play a D7 for a D7/F#),
  • Find a similar slash chord (ie. Try a A/C for a A7/C).

It really depends on you and what sound you'd like to achieve.

Did you know?

  • A slash chord has an altered bass note,
  • This nuance comes from the guitar,
  • A lot of slashed chords (65%) are impossible to play on a uke,
  • You can only play 3-note chords (triads) with an altered bass note if you want to keep the nuance (a uke only has 4 strings),

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