Slashed chords in D-Tuning

All the slash chords you can play in D-Tuning

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Slash chords in A
Gb A/Gb, Adim/Gb, Asus4/Gb, Asus2/Gb, Aaug/Gb, Am/Gb,
G A/G, Asus2/G, Aaug/G, Asus4/G, Am/G, Adim/G,
Eb A/Eb, Asus4/Eb, Aaug/Eb, Asus2/Eb, Adim/Eb, Am/Eb,
Db A/Db, Aaug/Db, Asus2/Db, Adim/Db, Am/Db, Asus4/Db,
C A/C, Adim/C, Asus4/C, Aaug/C, Asus2/C, Am/C,
B A/B, Aaug/B, Asus4/B, Am/B, Asus2/B, Adim/B,
F A/F, Adim/F, Am/F, Asus4/F, Asus2/F, Aaug/F,
E A/E, Aaug/E, Asus2/E, Asus4/E, Am/E, Adim/E,
D A/D, Am/D, Asus4/D, Aaug/D, Asus2/D, Adim/D,
Bb A/Bb, Am/Bb, Aaug/Bb, Adim/Bb, Asus4/Bb, Asus2/Bb,
Ab A/Ab, Aaug/Ab, Asus4/Ab, Am/Ab, Adim/Ab, Asus2/Ab,
Slash chords in Bb
G Bb/G, Bbaug/G, Bbsus2/G, Bbdim/G, Bbsus4/G, Bbm/G,
E Bb/E, Bbsus4/E, Bbsus2/E, Bbaug/E, Bbm/E, Bbdim/E,
Db Bb/Db, Bbdim/Db, Bbsus4/Db, Bbaug/Db, Bbsus2/Db, Bbm/Db,
A Bb/A, Bbdim/A, Bbm/A, Bbaug/A, Bbsus4/A, Bbsus2/A,
Gb Bb/Gb, Bbsus2/Gb, Bbaug/Gb, Bbm/Gb, Bbdim/Gb, Bbsus4/Gb,
D Bb/D, Bbsus4/D, Bbdim/D, Bbsus2/D, Bbaug/D, Bbm/D,
Ab Bb/Ab, Bbsus2/Ab, Bbaug/Ab, Bbdim/Ab, Bbsus4/Ab, Bbm/Ab,
F Bb/F, Bbm/F, Bbdim/F, Bbsus2/F, Bbaug/F, Bbsus4/F,
Eb Bb/Eb, Bbdim/Eb, Bbaug/Eb, Bbsus2/Eb, Bbsus4/Eb, Bbm/Eb,
B Bb/B, Bbsus2/B, Bbsus4/B, Bbdim/B, Bbaug/B, Bbm/B,
C Bb/C, Bbsus4/C, Bbaug/C, Bbdim/C, Bbsus2/C, Bbm/C,
Slash chords in B
Bb B/Bb, Baug/Bb, Bsus4/Bb, Bsus2/Bb, Bdim/Bb, Bm/Bb,
Db B/Db, Bsus4/Db, Baug/Db, Bsus2/Db, Bdim/Db, Bm/Db,
Ab B/Ab, Bm/Ab, Baug/Ab, Bsus2/Ab, Bsus4/Ab, Bdim/Ab,
F B/F, Bm/F, Bdim/F, Bsus4/F, Bsus2/F, Baug/F,
D B/D, Bsus2/D, Bm/D, Bdim/D, Bsus4/D, Baug/D,
A B/A, Bsus2/A, Bsus4/A, Bm/A, Bdim/A, Baug/A,
G B/G, Bdim/G, Baug/G, Bm/G, Bsus2/G, Bsus4/G,
Eb B/Eb, Bm/Eb, Bsus4/Eb, Bdim/Eb, Bsus2/Eb, Baug/Eb,
C B/C, Bsus2/C, Baug/C, Bm/C, Bdim/C, Bsus4/C,
Gb B/Gb, Bm/Gb, Bsus2/Gb, Baug/Gb, Bdim/Gb, Bsus4/Gb,
E B/E, Bdim/E, Baug/E, Bsus2/E, Bsus4/E, Bm/E,
Slash chords in C
Ab C/Ab, Csus4/Ab, Csus2/Ab, Caug/Ab, Cdim/Ab, Cm/Ab,
E C/E, Cdim/E, Csus2/E, Caug/E, Cm/E, Csus4/E,
Bb C/Bb, Cm/Bb, Csus2/Bb, Caug/Bb, Csus4/Bb, Cdim/Bb,
G C/G, Caug/G, Csus4/G, Cm/G, Cdim/G, Csus2/G,
F C/F, Cm/F, Cdim/F, Caug/F, Csus2/F, Csus4/F,
Db C/Db, Cdim/Db, Csus2/Db, Csus4/Db, Cm/Db, Caug/Db,
D C/D, Cdim/D, Csus2/D, Cm/D, Csus4/D, Caug/D,
B C/B, Csus2/B, Caug/B, Cdim/B, Csus4/B, Cm/B,
A C/A, Csus2/A, Caug/A, Cdim/A, Csus4/A, Cm/A,
Gb C/Gb, Csus4/Gb, Caug/Gb, Csus2/Gb, Cdim/Gb, Cm/Gb,
Eb C/Eb, Csus4/Eb, Caug/Eb, Csus2/Eb, Cm/Eb, Cdim/Eb,
Slash chords in Db
Bb Db/Bb, Dbaug/Bb, Dbsus2/Bb, Dbsus4/Bb, Dbdim/Bb, Dbm/Bb,
G Db/G, Dbsus4/G, Dbaug/G, Dbdim/G, Dbsus2/G, Dbm/G,
F Db/F, Dbdim/F, Dbaug/F, Dbsus2/F, Dbm/F, Dbsus4/F,
Eb Db/Eb, Dbsus4/Eb, Dbaug/Eb, Dbsus2/Eb, Dbdim/Eb, Dbm/Eb,
E Db/E, Dbsus4/E, Dbaug/E, Dbm/E, Dbsus2/E, Dbdim/E,
A Db/A, Dbm/A, Dbsus2/A, Dbsus4/A, Dbaug/A, Dbdim/A,
Ab Db/Ab, Dbdim/Ab, Dbsus4/Ab, Dbm/Ab, Dbaug/Ab, Dbsus2/Ab,
D Db/D, Dbdim/D, Dbsus2/D, Dbsus4/D, Dbm/D, Dbaug/D,
B Db/B, Dbdim/B, Dbm/B, Dbaug/B, Dbsus2/B, Dbsus4/B,
Gb Db/Gb, Dbsus2/Gb, Dbsus4/Gb, Dbm/Gb, Dbaug/Gb, Dbdim/Gb,
C Db/C, Dbdim/C, Dbsus4/C, Dbsus2/C, Dbm/C, Dbaug/C,
Slash chords in D
Bb D/Bb, Dsus4/Bb, Dsus2/Bb, Ddim/Bb, Dm/Bb, Daug/Bb,
Eb D/Eb, Dsus4/Eb, Dsus2/Eb, Daug/Eb, Dm/Eb, Ddim/Eb,
G D/G, Dm/G, Dsus4/G, Daug/G, Dsus2/G, Ddim/G,
Gb D/Gb, Dm/Gb, Ddim/Gb, Daug/Gb, Dsus4/Gb, Dsus2/Gb,
E D/E, Ddim/E, Dm/E, Dsus2/E, Dsus4/E, Daug/E,
B D/B, Dsus4/B, Dsus2/B, Dm/B, Ddim/B, Daug/B,
A D/A, Daug/A, Dsus2/A, Ddim/A, Dsus4/A, Dm/A,
Db D/Db, Dsus2/Db, Daug/Db, Dm/Db, Ddim/Db, Dsus4/Db,
Ab D/Ab, Daug/Ab, Dsus2/Ab, Dsus4/Ab, Dm/Ab, Ddim/Ab,
F D/F, Dsus4/F, Daug/F, Dsus2/F, Dm/F, Ddim/F,
C D/C, Dsus4/C, Dsus2/C, Daug/C, Dm/C, Ddim/C,
Slash chords in Eb
A Eb/A, Ebaug/A, Ebsus2/A, Ebsus4/A, Ebm/A, Ebdim/A,
Db Eb/Db, Ebdim/Db, Ebsus4/Db, Ebsus2/Db, Ebaug/Db, Ebm/Db,
B Eb/B, Ebm/B, Ebsus2/B, Ebsus4/B, Ebdim/B, Ebaug/B,
G Eb/G, Ebsus4/G, Ebsus2/G, Ebdim/G, Ebaug/G, Ebm/G,
E Eb/E, Ebm/E, Ebdim/E, Ebsus4/E, Ebsus2/E, Ebaug/E,
Bb Eb/Bb, Ebsus2/Bb, Ebdim/Bb, Ebsus4/Bb, Ebaug/Bb, Ebm/Bb,
Ab Eb/Ab, Ebdim/Ab, Ebsus4/Ab, Ebm/Ab, Ebsus2/Ab, Ebaug/Ab,
F Eb/F, Ebdim/F, Ebaug/F, Ebsus2/F, Ebm/F, Ebsus4/F,
D Eb/D, Ebaug/D, Ebsus2/D, Ebm/D, Ebsus4/D, Ebdim/D,
C Eb/C, Ebsus2/C, Ebaug/C, Ebm/C, Ebdim/C, Ebsus4/C,
Gb Eb/Gb, Ebaug/Gb, Ebdim/Gb, Ebsus4/Gb, Ebsus2/Gb, Ebm/Gb,
Slash chords in E
G E/G, Edim/G, Eaug/G, Esus4/G, Em/G, Esus2/G,
Eb E/Eb, Esus4/Eb, Eaug/Eb, Edim/Eb, Esus2/Eb, Em/Eb,
Bb E/Bb, Em/Bb, Esus4/Bb, Eaug/Bb, Esus2/Bb, Edim/Bb,
Ab E/Ab, Esus4/Ab, Esus2/Ab, Edim/Ab, Eaug/Ab, Em/Ab,
Db E/Db, Esus2/Db, Em/Db, Eaug/Db, Esus4/Db, Edim/Db,
D E/D, Em/D, Esus4/D, Edim/D, Eaug/D, Esus2/D,
C E/C, Em/C, Esus4/C, Edim/C, Eaug/C, Esus2/C,
B E/B, Esus2/B, Edim/B, Esus4/B, Eaug/B, Em/B,
F E/F, Esus2/F, Em/F, Esus4/F, Edim/F, Eaug/F,
A E/A, Eaug/A, Esus2/A, Esus4/A, Edim/A, Em/A,
Gb E/Gb, Eaug/Gb, Edim/Gb, Esus4/Gb, Em/Gb, Esus2/Gb,
Slash chords in F
Bb F/Bb, Fm/Bb, Fsus4/Bb, Faug/Bb, Fsus2/Bb, Fdim/Bb,
E F/E, Fsus2/E, Faug/E, Fm/E, Fsus4/E, Fdim/E,
Db F/Db, Fsus2/Db, Fsus4/Db, Fdim/Db, Faug/Db, Fm/Db,
G F/G, Fdim/G, Fm/G, Fsus4/G, Fsus2/G, Faug/G,
C F/C, Fsus4/C, Fdim/C, Fm/C, Fsus2/C, Faug/C,
A F/A, Fm/A, Fsus4/A, Fsus2/A, Fdim/A, Faug/A,
Gb F/Gb, Fsus4/Gb, Fdim/Gb, Fm/Gb, Faug/Gb, Fsus2/Gb,
Eb F/Eb, Fsus4/Eb, Fdim/Eb, Fsus2/Eb, Faug/Eb, Fm/Eb,
B F/B, Fsus4/B, Fsus2/B, Fm/B, Faug/B, Fdim/B,
D F/D, Fsus4/D, Fdim/D, Fm/D, Fsus2/D, Faug/D,
Ab F/Ab, Fdim/Ab, Fsus4/Ab, Faug/Ab, Fsus2/Ab, Fm/Ab,
Slash chords in Gb
E Gb/E, Gbaug/E, Gbdim/E, Gbsus4/E, Gbm/E, Gbsus2/E,
D Gb/D, Gbsus2/D, Gbsus4/D, Gbdim/D, Gbaug/D, Gbm/D,
A Gb/A, Gbsus2/A, Gbm/A, Gbdim/A, Gbaug/A, Gbsus4/A,
G Gb/G, Gbsus2/G, Gbm/G, Gbsus4/G, Gbaug/G, Gbdim/G,
Db Gb/Db, Gbsus4/Db, Gbaug/Db, Gbm/Db, Gbdim/Db, Gbsus2/Db,
Bb Gb/Bb, Gbsus2/Bb, Gbsus4/Bb, Gbdim/Bb, Gbm/Bb, Gbaug/Bb,
F Gb/F, Gbdim/F, Gbsus4/F, Gbm/F, Gbsus2/F, Gbaug/F,
C Gb/C, Gbsus4/C, Gbm/C, Gbsus2/C, Gbdim/C, Gbaug/C,
B Gb/B, Gbdim/B, Gbsus2/B, Gbm/B, Gbsus4/B, Gbaug/B,
Ab Gb/Ab, Gbsus4/Ab, Gbdim/Ab, Gbaug/Ab, Gbm/Ab, Gbsus2/Ab,
Eb Gb/Eb, Gbsus2/Eb, Gbaug/Eb, Gbdim/Eb, Gbsus4/Eb, Gbm/Eb,
Slash chords in G
A G/A, Gaug/A, Gdim/A, Gsus4/A, Gm/A, Gsus2/A,
Gb G/Gb, Gdim/Gb, Gsus4/Gb, Gsus2/Gb, Gaug/Gb, Gm/Gb,
Bb G/Bb, Gsus2/Bb, Gm/Bb, Gdim/Bb, Gaug/Bb, Gsus4/Bb,
F G/F, Gm/F, Gaug/F, Gsus2/F, Gsus4/F, Gdim/F,
Eb G/Eb, Gm/Eb, Gsus4/Eb, Gsus2/Eb, Gdim/Eb, Gaug/Eb,
D G/D, Gaug/D, Gsus4/D, Gm/D, Gdim/D, Gsus2/D,
B G/B, Gm/B, Gsus4/B, Gsus2/B, Gdim/B, Gaug/B,
C G/C, Gdim/C, Gsus4/C, Gm/C, Gsus2/C, Gaug/C,
Ab G/Ab, Gdim/Ab, Gsus4/Ab, Gsus2/Ab, Gaug/Ab, Gm/Ab,
E G/E, Gsus2/E, Gaug/E, Gdim/E, Gsus4/E, Gm/E,
Db G/Db, Gaug/Db, Gsus2/Db, Gsus4/Db, Gm/Db, Gdim/Db,
Slash chords in Ab
A Ab/A, Abaug/A, Absus2/A, Absus4/A, Abdim/A, Abm/A,
G Ab/G, Abdim/G, Absus4/G, Absus2/G, Abaug/G, Abm/G,
Bb Ab/Bb, Abm/Bb, Absus4/Bb, Abaug/Bb, Abdim/Bb, Absus2/Bb,
E Ab/E, Abm/E, Absus4/E, Absus2/E, Abaug/E, Abdim/E,
C Ab/C, Absus4/C, Absus2/C, Abdim/C, Abaug/C, Abm/C,
Gb Ab/Gb, Abaug/Gb, Absus2/Gb, Abm/Gb, Absus4/Gb, Abdim/Gb,
Eb Ab/Eb, Abdim/Eb, Absus2/Eb, Abaug/Eb, Absus4/Eb, Abm/Eb,
B Ab/B, Absus2/B, Abm/B, Abaug/B, Abdim/B, Absus4/B,
F Ab/F, Absus2/F, Abaug/F, Abdim/F, Absus4/F, Abm/F,
D Ab/D, Abaug/D, Absus4/D, Absus2/D, Abdim/D, Abm/D,
Db Ab/Db, Absus2/Db, Absus4/Db, Abdim/Db, Abm/Db, Abaug/Db,
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